Life Of Unity INC. Is Not Ready For Services. This Website is for Promotional Use Only For Investors. Life Of Unity  Launch Date TBA.

          Life Of Unity INC. Is Not Ready For Services. This Website is for Promotional Use Only For Investors. Life Of Unity  Launch Date TBA.

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WARNING – Your abuser can monitor your computer history. Please take precautions to remain safe. Do not use a computer that your abuser can access. The best way to stay safe is to use a computer that your abuser cannot access. Use the Escape button to quickly exit this site at any time.

Making the choice to enter a shelter is not easy. If you are unsure about your options, please contact our hotline and speak to an advocate.

The Life Of  Unity  24-Hour Crisis Line is coming soon.

Women who are abused due to Domestic voilence are more likely to use alcohol and other drugs to deal with the trauma associated with the intimate partner abuse. Unfortunately, this population of domestic violence victims is often turned away from mainstream services. They are told they must be sober for a period of time before entering a domestic violence shelter, directed to enter substance abuse treatment, or do not receive referrals to appropriate services when they try to seek assistance. Without receiving services to address domestic violence and substance abuse at the same time, this group of battered women will never receive the tools needed to keep them safe and/or alive.

Women that enter our program are often confused and undecided about leaving their abuser for good or even being in a shelter. It is our hope that women entering our shelter will learn about options to stay safe. Life Of Unity services reflect the complex needs of battered, substance abusers and their children. We also recognize that many of the target population will never live to enter a shelter if an arbitrary period of sobriety takes priority over safety of these woman and children. For this reason we created a website to provide visitors with useful information about the types of domestic violence, relationship warning signs, substance abuse/dependence, and safety planning tips when preparing to leave an abusive relationship. Please take the time to learn useful strategies to recognize domestic violence and tips for remaining safe when leaving a violent relationship.​

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Life Of Unity INC will be founded as a Los Angeles County CA based not for profit 501(c)(3) organization. The nonprofit will serve female clients and children in need of transitional housing and recovering from domestic violence.

The goal of LIfe Of Unity is to provide interim housing, recovery by counseling and skill training so that clients become empowered, independent individuals. Life Of Unity services are unique in their women and children only clientele.


Life Of Unity INC. mission is to provide women and children of Los Angeles County a safe transitional housing alternative, to transform lives by offering hope and opportunities for recovery, wellness and independence.

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